Linda Dahlstrom

Director of Storytelling 


"Barbara Mantel is a terrific, talented and sharp journalist. When I was the health editor at NBC News Digital and Barbara began writing for us as a contributor, I quickly realized how versatile she is. I could ask her to write on a wide spectrum of topics, and she would always turn in exactly what I needed. She’s well connected with sources, who respond to her quickly because of her reputation, and has fantastic instincts for knowing what a story needs. She writes stories in ways that resonate with and connect to readers, sometimes a tricky feat for stories about deep medical findings. Lastly, Barbara is a delight to edit and work with. She’s skilled and talented as a reporter and is also a lovely person."

Thomas Billitteri

Former Executive Editor

CQ Researcher

"Barb is a first-rate journalist and consummate professional. She’s highly knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, from law and business to social policy and international affairs; inquisitive and discerning, with a keen eye for detail and the telling quote; smooth and graceful at the keyboard, able to present complex information in an accessible, compelling way; and always a pleasure to work with."

Perry Anne Norton


PanRight Productions

"Barbara has an impeccable work ethic, and her ability to search out what people ought to be talking about is unparalleled. She looks at stories from all possible angles, vetting each idea and her copy with the precision of a surgeon. In working with others, she is the consummate diplomat but firm in her resolve to defend a good story. I learned volumes when I worked for her at Science Friday."

Scott G. Phillips 

Editor in Chief

Rural Health Quarterly

"“Barbara has become my go-to writer when I need someone to explain a complex technical topic or clarify an esoteric policy debate. She always exceeds expectations, and she always meets deadlines. That’s a rare and valuable combination. I strongly endorse Barbara to anyone who needs a talented communicator with an eye for detail. She’s a total pro."